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Our guestbook, page 3

Our guestbook, page 3

deutsch english español français italiana руссий, russian
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Sohbet from Sohbet wrote at 25.03.2012
Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you.
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Dr. Karl H. Switak from Santa Rosa, CA - U.S.A. wrote at 02.10.2011
Greetings Jochen:

What a terrific website!! You are to be commended for a job well done. Your work is not only invaluable, but also accomplished with acute professionalism.

Keep well dear friend,
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Neveah from World wrote at 23.07.2011
No more s***. All posts of this qutaily from now on
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Ari R Flagle from USA wrote at 24.05.2011
Fantastic! This website is delightfully packed full of critical information and fantastic reference. Great JOB!
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Kostantinos from Greece wrote at 11.01.2011
Great work. Keep it super!
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Ed Miller from Santa Barbara wrote at 13.08.2010
The site looks better than ever! Great to talk with you the other day.
E-Mail:Email an Ed Miller  

John Bakker from Ridderkerk wrote at 25.07.2010
Very nice site, This is even more a reason to forfil my everlasting wish to keep and breed Heloderma's
Regards John
The Netherlands
E-Mail:Email an John Bakker   URL:http://http://sidewinder78.tripod.com/thesidewinderranchengl

Dillman from Hayward wrote at 24.03.2010
Wonderful Web Site
Keep in Touch
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Vera from Minsk wrote at 24.01.2010
An extremely comprehensive source of information! A great work done. It might be really useful for many people as it covers all the aspects related to the heloderma. Wishing every success in further development of the site!

Rolf Mikkelsen wrote at 16.10.2007
Nice to meet you on Snakeday..we had a good talk about our passion Gilas..after looking at your website..I must say I´am very impressed..great work..
You will be welcome if you come North..

Kind regards
E-Mail:Email an Rolf Mikkelsen  

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