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News in the world of monsters

News in the world of monsters


May 2016

Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung, May 9th, 2016: THESE FELLOWS BECOME VERY TRUSTWORTHY For decades Hans-Joachim Schwandt has kept Gila Monsters in Aßlar – Germany

August 2015

Book Announcement Thank you all for visiting my website.
As of this writing, I have just received my 100,000th visitor and after much thought, I have decided to write a book based on the website and I will give additional information and instructions in both German and English.

Hans-Joachim Schwandt

March 2014

ANATOMY Surgery on egg retention
PATTERNS Variations of patterns within families
GALLERY 7 new images
NEONATE CARE 2 images added

Feb. 2014

ANATOMY Skeleton
Embryonic developement of lizards
REPRODUCTION Representation and function of the sexual organs
GALLERY "Not dead, but totally relaxed"
"In the deep hibernation"